Co-working Space: From Stale to Stellar with Stratefix Consulting

Co-working space

Overview of Organization:  
Co-working spaces are more than a working space. It is a platform for collaboration, innovation, and growth. They help you achieve your big dreams by providing you with the space, resources, and support you need.

This spaces are very popular nowadays because they let people work in different places and with different people. But co-working space companies have some problems with selling their services and beating their rivals.

“Sales, where charm meets commission, and deals are sealed with a smile” 

Hurdles Faced 

  • Role of Ownership and the Sales Methodology 
  • Pricing Strategy and Competitive Advantage 
  • Lack of SOPs and Quality Management 

Our Strategic Approach: 

  • Established compliance with industry benchmarks and adopted a uniform pricing policy. 
  • Conducted a thorough evaluation of the existing team and recognised the gap for more professionals. 
  • Enhanced the sales force by hiring the optimal number of competent personnel, empowering them to pursue prospective customers and generate revenue.

Inclinable Results on Client’s Business 

  • Collaborated with the owner to streamline processes and assign duties, enabling the owner to concentrate on strategic growth initiatives and business enhancement. 
  • Partnered with property agents to broaden the market reach, achieving increased occupancy levels and accelerated growth. 
  • Trained the sales team to customize their proposals based on customer requirements, resulting in improved conversion rates and expanded customer base.

These were the key factors in overcoming the sales obstacles encountered by the co-working space company.

By applying these strategies, the company achieved higher sales results, more effective management of sales staff, more leads generated through events, improved operational productivity through outsourcing, and a more attractive value proposition to their potential customers.

Overall, attained a remarkable 80% occupancy level throughout all co-working locations, resulting in increased profitability and establishing the company as a market leader.