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Executive Hiring

Who drives your Business

Stratefix is a binder between “The clients” and “The candidates” to craft successful human capital strategies and solutions.  With time-proven search process, and broad industry expertise, stratefix provides the competitive advantage necessary to recruit and develop sustainable leadership teams.

The Problem we solve

We experienced that the entrepreneurial companies often struggle to find and attract talents at Top Level; their employer brand is relatively unknown and doesn’t attract a lot of quality talent. The company may be located where there isn’t a huge pool of suitable local candidates. This is where our experience can make a huge difference.

At Stratefix, we are experts in pitching entrepreneurial companies to candidates, both by giving them an exciting verbal pitch that tells a great story around the business, and with high-quality written job descriptions. This can really make the difference in converting those hard-to-reach candidates who might not normally consider a role with your business.

Our Scope

We work on a range of senior level roles including CXO Level, GM roles and functional leadership positions across key areas like marketing, technology, product management, sales, HR and finance.

Our role is not just to acquire strong candidates; it is to help guide clients and candidates alike through the process. We interview every single candidate before we recommend that clients meet with them, and spend a lot of time ensuring a smooth process for both our candidates and clients. In the process, we treat candidates and clients as equal partners and aim to provide both with a warm, tailored service that meet their needs and interests.

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