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MSME receives 72 % of amount from the customers through digital payments


Gujarat is reaching heights with 45% Growing GDP, Gujarat’s corporate business sector and MSME sector are constantly innovating with time and technology they are adapting digital payments

Only 1% of companies in Gujarat have been in business since three generations


Only 1% of companies are successful in running business for more then three generations and in this Gujarat is leading the way like a torch bearer among the entire nation and neighbouring countries

Mukul Goyal the Co-founder of Stratefix Consulting showed his concern for all the businesses that are in danger due to the Corona crisis?


“Businesses are getting shut down, we are leading towards an employment crisis & if this continues for the next few seasons, the economy will take a turn for the worse.”

Looking that he decided to open the gates to help such businesses with a free Consulting service.

Corporate companies in Gujarat will create employment with a 5-12 per cent growth in salaries


Chirag Patel quotes that ” There is a rise in employment post-pandemic in all corporate sectors and employers are working over performance management and looking after the appraisals of the employees”.

Stratefix wins consulting mandates for two brands of Jivraj Tea Co.N


Stratefix to build strategies for Jivraj tea and samara company for stronger presence of brand

New doors open for employment


More than 72% of Gujarat’s entrepreneurs ready for expansion after corona and skilled workers is their prior choice.

After Corona, more than 72% of Gujarat’s entrepreneurs are ready for expansion, skilled workers are the first choice.


Result of Survey of More than 500 industries says, More than 72% of Entrepreneurs are Optimistic towards expansion.

Based on that survey, Mr. Chirag Patel and Mr. Mukul Goyal of StratefiX Consulting shares their views on Gujarat’s industrial units after corona.

Thank you Divya Bhaskar for featuring StratefiX Consulting.

Gujarat’s corporate-manufacturing companies to create 5 lakh new jobs in Vikram Samvat 2077


The E-commerce sector is growing at a rapid pace, despite the nationwide spread of covid.

However, Just by Business Restructuring industries like textile, Real estate, FMCG, and Ready to Eat, made a comeback into the market in a stronger & better than before attitude.

Business restructuring is the weapon to fight against rising economic crisis


After the covid pandemic all the major industries and corporate sector people are facing issues with their business sales ,among them Diamond and Textile industry are highly affected business .So as to face and overcome all your business failures business restructuring is a solution to withstand in market and make a remarkable place.

Patel Packaging hires Stratefix Consulting for sales growth


“Patel Packaging, a Surat-based packaging firm, has hired Stratefix Consulting with the mandate to help the firm develop its sales strategy and capabilities in the Gujarat territory.” – Mukul Goyal

60% Of The Employees Have Adopted “Work From Home” Concept In The Corporate Sector


“Due to lack of infrastructure, work from home was not considered by the corporate companies. But now because of Covid, Corporate Companies and their Employees are understanding the concept of work from home.” – Mukul Goyal

Post lockdown, the condition of most of the MSMEs of Gujarat has deteriorated.


“During and after the lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic, all industries, especially the small and medium enterprises, have been hit hard.” – Chirag Patel

The situation in most of the MSMEs of Gujarat after lockdown is miserable.


“36% units are cutting their fixed expenses while 22% of the units are getting more work done for lesser people.” – Stratefix Consulting

Business Strategy Seminar conducted at Saurastra Textile Traders Association


Speaker Chirag Patel has shared “Challenges Faced by Companies and Possible Solution”

Industries have adopted IT and Automation to reduce the cost.


The Core Purpose of Business Re-Structuring is Cost Effectiveness. – Chirag Patel

Saurastra Textile Traders Association (STTA) has arranged a seminar on Business Strategy.


Business Guru and Co-Founder of Stratefix Consulting, Chirag Patel has addressed Entrepreneurs about Business Growth Strategy.

Due to Covid-19, the condition of most of the Gujarat MSMEs is unfavourable.


Poor Demand, Increased Raw Material Cost, higher fixed expenses and limited cash flow has put pressure on MSME for Business Re-Structuring – Chirag Patel, Stratefix Consulting

22% of the firms are taking more work from the lowest possible manpower.


“Restructuring is the only way to run a company with lower capital – Chirag Patel

In last few years, the Textile Sector is facing many more challenges.


Chirag Patel, Business Guru, has shared the Present Business Problems in Textile Industry and strategy to get out of touch time.

Multi Tasking Culture has been adopted by Most of the MSMEs due to shortage of Manpower


“Running a company with a small working capital is a challenging task therefore the companies are bound to go for business restructuring.” – Mukul Goyal

14% businessmen believe that this is not a time to take any kind of risk


“To understand why the business units are focusing on business restructuring, we conducted an in-depth study.” – Mukul Goyal

The seminar on Business Strategy is arranged in surat city, specifically for Textile Industry.


What is the root cause of problems and the possible solution of present situation is presented by Chirag Patel

36% business units are reducing the fixed costs heavily


“Our intention for the survey was to know what their current business situation is, which challenges they are facing and what efforts they are putting in to recover from it.” – Chirag Patel

Maximum Work, Minimum Workforce’


“Due to limited new income opportunities and to make the future provisions, they are bound to restrict themselves spending money on unnecessary expenses.” – Stratefix Consulting

A seminar conducted on Business Growth Strategy


Chirag Patel, Co-founder of Stratefix Consulting has presented the way to simplify the problems and achieve the solutions for Textile Sector.

Companies are offering the best services to their old customers to retain them


“There is a lack of new opportunities in the market. Demand flow is very low hence scope to take the business to the next level is limited.” – Mukul Goyal

18% of companies believe that due to weak new demands, they are not getting new customers.


“Restructuring can fetch good results at a lower cost and also a need of an hour now.” – Mukul Goyal

MSMEs are restricting themselves to spend money on unnecessary expenses


“Higher cost, low fresh demand, fixed expenses and limited cash are the few factors jolting the sector now.” – Stratefix Consulting

To reduce fixed expenses, many workers have been laid off.


“Anticipating that getting back on track will take a long time, the MSME sector in Gujarat is adopting an aggressive changes in Business Model.” – Stratefix Consulting

Most of the MSMEs in Gujarat Facing a Tough Time Post Unlock in COVID-19 Pandemic


“Many units are facing a shortage of skilled workers hence they are opting for multi-tasking culture wherein a few workers are given major work responsibilities.” – Stratefix Consulting