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“What happens if we invest in development of people and then they leave?”


“What happens if we don’t and then they stay?”

HR is not about managing “People” but developing the team that drives the Business towards the goals. “People” are the biggest asset of Organization. The definition of HR is growing far ahead from traditional recruitment and payroll processes. Nowadays, HR is strategic partner of Organization who can bring and develop the pools to take the organization on next level.

Our Strategic HR Services can help Organization in restructuring and achieving the transformation initiatives starting from Leadership Development to Culture building at down the line. Stratefix consulting serves the role of Change agent in Organization’s capability building.

HR Consulting Services

1. HR Process Policies

Our “Out of Box thinking” approach in designing and executing the HR Policies helps Organization to achieve Performance and to create better employer brand among the industry.

2. Talent Acquisition, Management and Retention

Strong Recruitment and Selection Process, People Development Process and Retention Process are linked together towards development of Organizational Capability.

3. Organizational Structure

It’s not about putting present manpower on Hierarchy chart but designing the Org. chart that represent Present as well as Future scenario and also about placing the right skills sets at right place. Effective communication about Org. chart to team will help them to understand individual’s growth path.

4. Manpower Mapping and Planning

Manpower Mapping Tool can help the Organization to achieve Maximum Productivity with Lowest Possible Manpower strength. It’s essential to define manpower needs for future expansion plans by mapping the present manpower.

5. HR Practices

 We have designed strong Portfolio of “Practices to Perform” which can bring Productivity and improves the overall performance of Team from top to down. Even at the time of expansion, Strong HR Practices leads to develop better control on smooth functionality of Organization.

6. Performance Management System (PMS)

As Well said by Steve Jobs, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”. For Improvement, first step is measurement of Performance which is crucial part of any Organization. Unfortunately, most of the companies neither have tried to imbibe nor have been successful in imbibing Effective Performance Measurement System.

Stratefix Consulting has two approach towards Performance Measurement System:

1. 360 Degree Performance Measurement System
2. KRA – KPI Based Performance Measurement System

7. Performance Improvement

Once we go through Performance Measurement then second stage is Performance Improvement where we help organizations to develop the right tools to increase the Performance which are as follows :

Skill sets: Hard and Soft skills
Internal Motivation: Defining and delivering the factors of Motivation which may be Monetary Growth, Security, Work Pressure, Position Growth, Mentorship, Internal grievances etc.

8. Competency Mapping

Before going ahead, Organization needs to know, what they have in the form of skilled manpower and what they need. Mapping the competency of existing pool is essential to measure our existing strength by defining the GAP in skill set requirement vs. available for each individual Position.

9. Compensation and Rewards

We design effective compensation plan and Rewards within Organization so that motivation is maintained within team and the company get a chance to recognize the excellent performers.

10. HR Interventions

On time to time basis, The Organization need support of HR experts to handle critical situations or conflicts within organization where Stratefix Consulting helps Organization to manage the situation by HR Interventions.

Key Result Areas

Improvement in Retention Ratio

Reduction in the Attrition of Manpower

Intrapreneurship amongst Team

Culture of Developing the Entrepreneur within the Organization

Better Employer Branding

among the Industry which attract the better talent

Culture Development

Deploying right culture from top to bottom

Enhanced Productivity

against the Investment made

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