Streamlining Operations & Enhancing Efficiency: The Devshree Fabrics Transformation

Streamlining Operations & Enhancing Efficiency: The Devshree Fabrics Transformation

How Devshree Fabrics Weaved Success with Stratefix Consulting?

Imagine this: you’ve built a thriving business in the heart of Surat, India, a textile hub known for its exquisite sarees.  

You’re using cutting-edge expensive rapier jacquard machines to create beautiful fabrics, but your order management system feels like something out of the Stone Age – a tangled mess of phone calls & WhatsApp messages.  

This was the reality for Devshree Fabrics, a 15-year-old company facing a common challenge for many small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in India: an unorganized system that threatened to unravel their success. 

But here’s the good news: Devshree Fabrics didn’t have to settle for this frustrating situation.  

How? Let's break it down into 2 key steps:

Step 1: Taming the Order Management Beast with Purchase Orders

Imagine a world where every order has a clear, documented trail. No more confusion about design details, pricing, production or delivery instructions.  

This is the magic of a Purchase Order (PO) system, a software superhero that Stratefix introduced to Devshree Fabrics. 

Think of a PO as a binding agreement between Devshree & their customer. It spells out everything in black & white: the design number, matching details, pricing & all the important nitty-gritty.  

Plus, a beautiful printout of the design goes along with the PO, ensuring everyone’s on the same page from end client to the manufacturing units. 

The impact? Crystal clear communication! With POs, both Devshree & their customers have a central document they can refer to, eliminating confusion & delays. This translates to happier customers, fewer errors, & a smoother flow of business. 

Step 2: Uniting the Departments with a Powerful ERP System

Imagine having a central nervous system for your entire business. That’s exactly what an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system does.  

Devshree had one, but it wasn’t being used to its full potential. Different departments operated in silos, leading to misunderstandings & inefficiencies. 

Stratefix stepped in & did two things: 

  • ERP Training: They provided comprehensive training to Devshree’s staff, explaining the importance of the ERP system & how to use it effectively. 
  • SOP Implementation: They created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – a clear roadmap for how each department should interact with the ERP system. 

The result? A symphony of collaboration across all departments! With everyone using the ERP effectively & communicating seamlessly,  

Devshree’s departments became a well-oiled machine. Information flowed freely, production planning became a breeze, & everyone knew their individual accountabilities. 

But Stratefix didn't stop there. Our experts identified & tackled several other challenges Devshree faced:

  • Wastage Control: Manufacturing consultant at Stratefix created a data entry reporting system to track wastage at every production stage. Within 3 months, this helped Devshree reduce wastage by a whopping 45%!  
  • Manpower Monopoly: One person was making all the decisions, leading to bottlenecks. After multiple discussions from employees, top management & planning, our operations management consultants created an organization chart & defined clear job roles, empowering all departments.  
  • Process Outsourcing Delays: Outsourcing some processes caused delays. Our business operations consultants streamlined vendor management & reduced turnaround time by almost 50%!  
  • Inventory Overload: Dead stock & disorganized inventory were a problem. Stratefix team implemented the 5S methodology to organize the workplace & free up space. We also helped Devshree identify & clear out unnecessary inventory.
  • Underutilized Machines: Many machines were idle.  
  • Stratefix implemented production reports to identify underutilized machines & optimized production planning.
  • Reporting Issues: Inaccurate & delayed reports were a pain point. Stratefix revamped the reporting system, ensuring timely & accurate data for better decision-making.
  • HR Policy Gaps: No formal HR policies existed. Stratefix implemented dress code, leave, attendance, & other essential HR policies, leading to a more disciplined & efficient work environment.

The impact of Stratefix’s intervention goes far beyond just happy employees & a clean organized workplace.  

Glimpse of the exceptional benefits Devshree Fabrics experienced:

  • Streamlined Supply Chain Management: From raw materials to finished products, everything moved smoothly & efficiently. 
  • Improved Collaboration & Communication: Departments worked together like a dream team. 
  • Accurate Financial Reports: Making informed business decisions became a breeze with reliable data. 
  • Reduced Machine Downtime: Better planning meant less idle time for those precious rapier jacquard machines. 
  • Optimized Production & Increased Sales: With a well-oiled system, Devshree could produce more beautiful fabric, leading to happy customers & a boost in sales. 
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Clear communication & timely deliveries made Devshree’s customers raving fans. 
  • Automated Invoicing & Payment Management: No more chasing payments! The ERP system took care of everything. 
  • Vendor Management & Simplified Purchasing: Managing suppliers & ordering materials became a walk in the park. 
  • Enhanced Inventory & Quality Control: Keeping track of stock & maintaining high-quality standards became effortless. 

Guidance from experts like Stratefix Consulting can help you transform your business from being directionless to having SMART goals:

  • Don’t be afraid to invest in good systems. A robust order management system & ERP can be game-changers for your business.  
  • Data is king. Accurate & timely data empowers you to make informed decisions. 
  • Communication is key. Ensure clear communication across all departments for smooth operations. 
  • Empower your employees. Provide proper training & delegate tasks effectively. 
  • Embrace change. Be open to new ideas & processes to stay ahead of the curve. 

Companies like Devshree Fabrics are the backbone of the textile & garment manufacturing industry in India, & with the help of strategic consulting firms like Stratefix, they can weave a path to achieving greater success. 

So, if your business is feeling like a tangled mess of threads, take a page out of Devshree Fabrics’ guidebook.  

With the right systems & processes in place, you too can create a beautiful tapestry of success! (Here’s another Growth Story from one of our leading clients in Textile manufacturing Industry) 

Just like a rapier loom – a marvel of modern textile technology – the right tools & processes can take your business from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Now for your context let’s quickly understand the current advancements in the textile industry & why you need consulting services for your manufacturing unit. 

The Global Textile Machinery Market

To put our advancements into perspective, the global loom market size was estimated at USD 5,249.5 million in 2022 & is projected to reach USD 9,732.39 million by 2031, with a CAGR of 7.1%.  

This growth reflects the increasing demand for advanced textile machinery, including various types of looms or Textile weaving machines:

  • Shuttle Looms: Traditional looms using a reciprocating shuttle, suitable for specific applications despite slower speed. 
  • Air-Jet Looms: High-speed looms using compressed air to propel weft threads, versatile in handling various yarn types. 
  • Water-Jet Looms: Use water streams to carry weft threads, ideal for weaving synthetic & filament yarns.
  • Projectile Looms: Employ small projectiles to insert weft threads, suitable for heavy & wide fabrics. 
  • Rapier Looms: Use flexible rapiers or rods for precise weft insertion, offering control & efficiency in weaving. 

Devshree Fabrics' story is a testament to the power of getting the right systems in place. Mr. Paresh, says it best: 

The collaboration with Stratefix has been a game-changer for Devshree Fabrics. By introducing a robust PO system & enhancing our ERP implementation, we have streamlined our operations, improved efficiency, & elevated customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow & adapt to the ever-evolving textile industry, these improvements position us well for future success.” Paresh Kumar Jethani – Owner, Devshree Fabrics 

Ready to weave your own success story? Stratefix Consulting is here to help! We’ll be your growth partner, guiding you through the maze of systems & processes to help you achieve exponential growth.  

Contact us today & let’s get started!