Streamline for Success: Conquered Operational Chaos

Digital Textile Printing Industry

How to Transform Operational Chaos into a Growth Engine in the Digital Textile Printing Market? 

Imagine a company in the booming digital textile printing industry (which is projected to reach $7.55 billion by 2030!) facing organizational inefficiency and internal operational issues.  

This was the reality for Shagun Enterprise, a manufacturer of Sublimation Printing Machines, Heat Transfer Machines, Direct on Fabric machines, UV Printers, Sublimation Inks, Pigment Inks, Reactive Inks, Disperse Inks, Fluorescent Inks, UV Inks, Sublimation Papers, DTF Papers, UV Papers, Hot Melt Powders and more! 

 Established in 2017, they saw success in their home state but struggled with inefficiencies that threatened their national expansion plans in printing machines, inks, and accessories segment.  

The Challenge: Operational Dysfunction Hinders Growth

Shagun Enterprise faced several operational bottlenecks: 

    • Ineffective Software: Poor software use hampered productivity, Leading to poor work culture, and created conflict within the organization. 
    • Dissatisfied Customers:Slow order processing and fulfillment resulted in frustrated customers. High complaint rates indicated a disconnect between Shagun Enterprise and their customers’ needs impacting brand reputation. 
    • High Production Costs: Inefficient processes led to wasted resources and unnecessary expenses resulting inflated production costs. 
    • Inventory Management Issues: Mismanaged stock resulted in shortages and wasted materials. We noticed overstocking of some items and understocking of others, impacting customer needs and tying up valuable capital. 
    • One-Man Show:The owner’s involvement in every stage of the process hindered decision making and slowed down processes. They were limited to delegating to no one, and as a result the owner was preoccupied with day to day operations, which prevented them from investing in strategic growth.  

Higher level problems they encountered included technology limitations including slow integration and speed, a narrow color gamut and costly media or inks. 

Stratefix to the Rescue: Streamlining Operations for Success by Implementing a Winning Strategy!

Stratefix, a top-tier operations management consultancy, partnered with Shagun Enterprise to develop a comprehensive improvement plan. It was clear to us that through streamlining their operations, they had the opportunity to experience rapid expansion in the booming digital textile industry. 

Our Strategic Approach:  

    1. Standardized Systems & Processes: We created and implemented clear, documented procedures (SOPs) for troubleshooting, assigning accountability, and ensuring consistent problem-solving. 
    2. Skilled, Motivated & Empowered Teams: We implemented a skills matrix to identify training needs and developed a reward system to incentivize teamwork and continuous improvement boosting employee competency. 
    3. Data-Driven Decisions making: We implemented a Management Information System (MIS) and dashboards, providing the owner with real-time data for informed decision-making. 
    4. Optimized Inventory Management: We streamlined inventory management for smoother product flow, easy storage and movement of goods, reducing waste and optimizing space utilization. 
    5. Improved Customer Focus: We established a customer feedback system to address concerns and enhance satisfaction. 
    6. Warehouse Efficiency: We implemented clear stock location systems, sheet consistency, and floor mapping to optimize warehouse operations and save time.
    7. Reduced Owner Involvement: Division of work into sub-units and delegation of responsibilities according to skill, knowledge and competence of subordinates.  

Shagun Enterprise: A Transformation Story with Measurable Impact

The impact was phenomenal: 

    • Customer Complaints Reduced by 40%: Happier customers meant a stronger reputation and increased sales. 
    • Orders and Storage capacity Doubled: Optimized space and faster processes allowed Shagun Enterprise to handle double the volume. 
    • Middle Management Stepped Up: With clear accountability, middle management became 80% more responsible, improving performance. 
    • Employee Skills Soared by 20-40%: Upskilled employees delivered higher quality work and increased efficiency by 27-30%. 
    • Teamwork & Speed: Overall team performance improved by 42%, with faster communication and smoother collaboration. 
    • Inward/Outward Processes 50-60% Faster: Streamlined processes slashed delivery times and improved customer satisfaction. 
    • Ink Wastage Reduced by 80%: Efficient use of materials boosted profitability and reduced environmental impact 
    • By empowering the team, the owner’s involvement was reduced, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives. 
Shagun Enterprise’s transformation is a testament to the power of optimized operations. In a market brimming with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.84%, they are now well-positioned to capitalize on the digital textile printing boom and achieve national success.  

Shagun’s Continued Innovation and Expansion

Building on their success, Shagun Enterprise has continued to innovate and expand their product line. In 2022, they introduced well-received DTF (direct to film) machines, along with a range of new products based on customer demand and market trends. This includes advanced sublimation segment machines with 12 and 16 print heads, and the powerful 16-head Ricoh Gen-6 for direct on fabric printing. 

Leveraging the support of their loyal customers, distributors, and dedicated staff, Shagun has tripled their sales targets compared to previous years. Their initial success in Gujarat has fueled expansion into several new states, including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.  

With their sights set on Pan-India expansion, Shagun Enterprise is poised for continued dominance in the digital textile printing market. 

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