Sales Objections: 3 Common Challenges & 5 Winning Responses

3 * 5 Objections Handling in Sales

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.”                                                                                                   – W. Clement Stone.

As a sales representative, you sell more than a product; you sell a positive change – a future state. You sell the idea that your prospect’s problems will disappear and their life will improve due to their purchase. This principle is applicable for everything, whether you’re selling a car or an entire CRM system.

Now, suppose you’ve spent weeks and weeks on your Sales Pitch, created a list of potential clients to reach out to, and In the real world, you face a series of rejections, what will be your next move?

Rejections are nothing but Poorly handled Objections.

Sales Forces earn gets burnt with the sentences like :

  • We don’t have the budget.
  • We’re already working with another vendor.
  • We shall get back to you.
  • Not Required as of now

Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry. Sales objections are usual.

As well said, “No objection from a client is one of the biggest Objection.”

However, It can be a roadblock when you’re trying to move prospects through the pipeline. You might get demotivated due to objections and remove that potential client from your list. On the contrary, Let’s Learn how to handle the Objections with Smart Answers.

3 * 5 Objections Handling : 

Hereby, we are sharing 3 Commonly used Objections with 5 Unique Answers of each question.

Objection #1:
 “Your product is really amazing but is too expensive. We don’t have this much budget.”

Or other players/competitors are giving at quite lower rate.

Hidden Voice of Customer : Your Value Proposition is low.

5 Stratefix’s Smart Responses (SSR) :

SSR 1 : Yes, it seems to be a huge amount at first glance but Let me show you, how much cost effective it can be in a longer run.

SSR 2 : Can you share me 2 things that you feel, you have purchased by overshooting your budget? Why? – Explain the value you have gained from such purchases.

SSR 3 : Let me show you, how you can achieve gain from this purchase or save your cost immediately.

SSR 4 : My more than X% of customer are those who has purchased such kind of product at much cost effective rate, not satisfied with them and now they are with me.

SSR 5 : Have you ever counted your time involvement and hassle of repurchasing the product again and again.

Common Mistakes By Sales Person : Price objections are the most common in any sales pitch. They are even voiced by prospects who have the intention of buying. Don’t bargain over the prices, instead, circle back to the product’s value.

Objection #2:  I’LL GET BACK TO YOU.

Hidden Voice of Customer: It’s sugar coated version of “Get Lost”.

Another objection can be, Just drop me a mail.

If one can read between the lines then the statement is as follows: Just drop me a mail and then wait for years to get revert from me.

5 Stratefix’s Smart Responses (SSR) :

SSR 1: May I know, What can be the challenges you face in buying this product or taking this services?

SSR 2: I would like to have some more idea about your need.

SSR 3: If you can spare a minute more, I would like to request you to share your opinion about our Product – How can we be helpful to you?

SSR 4: Rather we taking follow ups again and again if you are interested to know more about us, Can we schedule our meeting on 12th June, Friday, 3 pm?

SSR 5: May I know, If you will not buy this product/services within this month, how will you handle the situation?

Common Mistakes By Sales Person
: Often, Sales person treat it as follow up call but either Customer has not heard you properly or not in urgent need or have some other options in the mind and don’t want to explore you.

Objection #3: We are not looking for the same.

Hidden Voice of Customer: Make me understand well

Such objections may come in another forms as well :

  • Your product will not help me.
  • I don’t need it.
  • We may need it in future.
  • This isn’t important for me currently.

5 Stratefix’s Smart Responses (SSR) :

SSR 1: What other feature in this product can solve your problem immediately?

SSR 2: If you will not buy, how will you handle the worst situation that may arise like…

SSR 3: A well known player in similar industries are already using this product and taking great benefit of it

SSR 4: It’s okay if you are not looking for the same, Let’s sit down and define what all problems can be solved with this product

SSR 5: If you can connect me to relevant member in your team who can explain me your pain areas in detail and then we can meet up later to understand, how we can be helpful to you.

Common Mistakes By Sales Person: In more than 80% of cases,
Customers deny to purchase even tough they have need because of

  • Lack of credential
  • Lack of time to understand
  • Not having clear understanding, how you can solve their Problem

On the whole, sales objections are the pushbacks from your prospects!

However, efficient objection handling is a way that can change the mind of the prospect or alleviate their concerns. Though, trying to pressure them into backing down isn’t a true objection handling. Instead, helping and persuading them to come to a different conclusion on their own accord will be the right way to handle the objection.

A Message to the Readers : We are ready to hear some more Smart answers from you as well!