360° View: How Other Departments Impact Sales Productivity

360 degree impact on sales department productivity

Often, Directors/CEOs/Owners/Top Management considers the issues of Sales Team related to other Departments as “Excuses for Not Being Able to Achieve the Sales Targets” and ignore the same.


Indeed, it is the role of Top Management to check the long-term impact of such ignorance and simultaneously, it should not be a hindrance in terms of Sales Achievement by the Sales Team.

The Sales Department is the connecting link between a company, its products, and potential customers.

One may say that the relevance and contribution of one department should be judged in comparison to other departments of the company.


“In a company, interdepartmental relations
and their co-ordination defines its growth and success.”


  • Impact of Accounts & Finance on Sales Department

Key Insights

  1. Operational budgets prepared by Accounts & Finance are crucial for planning effective Sales Strategies.
  2. Availability of funds is the prerogative of Accounts & Finance which will directly impact the functioning of Sales Department – whether to spend more or less.
  3. At times, the objective of Profitability may lead to compromising the rest of the functions of the Company, including Sales.

“Sales Department’s prime focus is Expansion,
whereas that of Accounts & Finance is Profitability.”


  • Impact of Production on Sales Department

Key Insights

  1. Sales Strategy largely depends on the production unit.
  2. Production capacity, quality, and timing would boost the Sales Department tremendously.
  3. Co-ordination between the two will lead to a greater quantity and better quality.

“Production & Sales are twin sisters.”


  • Impact of R&D on Sales Department

Key Insights

  1. R&D Department will provide a logical base for production, marketing & sales.
  2. The practical utility & financial viability of NPD will be determined based on the report of R & D, which will largely affect the Sales Strategy.
  3. R & D Department will provide solid grounds for cross-cultural Sales Strategies & Practices.

“Co-operation between R & D and Sales has a significant,
positive effect on New Product Development (NPD) Process.”


  • Impact of HR on Sales Department

Key Insights

  1. Deploying the right people to do the right job with clearly defined job roles in Sales Department.
  2. Hire the much-needed talent and manifest the Employee Value Proposition.
  3. HR should focus on all the three types of performers in the Sales Department – Excellent, Good, Poor.

“A strong co-ordination between Sales & HR is
a key player in the success story.”


Key Insights

  1. Upselling is a lot easier with existing loyal customers than new ones, especially when it comes to NPD.
  2. Customers with Higher Lifetime Value provide greater stability to the Company. An increase in Sales is guaranteed.
  3. Referrals provided by satisfied customers ultimately boost your sales. Customer Retention & Acquisition is greatly valued.

“Happy the Customers, better would be the future of the Company.”


Key Insights

  1. Leads provided by Marketing Department can lead to revenue-generation for the Sales Department.
  2. Marketing strategies mentally prepare the potential customers/clients almost 60-70% and in some cases 100%, before he/she actually comes into contact with the Sales Team.
  3. Professional Empathy between Marketing & Sales is very important. It is only after they understand each other’s challenges, they are in a position to come up with workable strategies.

“The thin line of difference between Marketing & Sales
in Digital Era is hard to define.”


Solution: Eventually, the cross-functional integration of all the departments as well as the professional insights gained from such collaboration, will determine the eventful history of the organization. Success, Profit, and Growth would then be the hallmarks.


Concluding Remark: Even if one can’t solve all the problems faced by the Sales Department, one can primarily focus on the grey areas of other departments and resolve them at the earliest, so that the overall situation of the company does not turn out to be grim. You may not be able to resolve 100% of problems, but at least you can control them from being a crisis by ignoring them.


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