The Psychology of Selling: Understanding Your Customer's Mind

Sales And Psychology

Sales and Psychology

Totally different subject but very close connection!

Sales without psychology is something like a car without an accelerator…

Following sentences can surely indicate relationship between these two different subjects:

  1. 80% of Sales is done within mind of Sales person only
  2. Sales is all about understanding “Pain of Prospect”
  3. Successful salesman speaks less, listen more.

Even Child is crying to ask chocolate since he understands the psychology of parents.

Successful retail salesman understand buying power and decision maker while entry of customer in shop only.

Minute observations and connecting it to psychology can surely help in reading mind set of client and increase the chance of Effective presentation and closing the deal.

For Example:

  • Culture within Office
  • Interior of Office
  • Secretary or Receptionist
  • Arrangement at office


If one can understand psychology well then sales can be real fun and magic too.