21/90 Rule: The Secret to Sustainable Strategy Implementation

21/90 Strategy Sustenance

Today, 90% of business strategy success depends on its sustenance, Right?

However, coming up with a strategy that can work is not the only part of the battle – implementing and up-keeping it is a whole different challenge.

At the same time We can't survive without sustenance of strategy,
Let us elaborate the "Why" of this line:

You may not have realised it, but the majority of sustenance strategies have failed to bring changes to the culture and habits of the overall organisation.

If an organisation’s culture hates changes, for sure, it hates frequent changes too, while we can’t grow or even survive without changes.

Strategy Sustenance

Change is inevitable in the era of digitalization so one can imagine survival without bringing change to the organisation.

So the message is clear: If one can’t sustain one strategy, they have to adopt the mantra of “What Next?”

In such a manner, frequent changes in strategy bring lethargic chaos where after frequent changes, the team will react as a short-term plan.

Even in such an environment, retention of talent can be a big question while survivors won’t be able to focus on growth and development but focus on trying to adopt the new changes.

In short, survival and sustenance are the synonyms of growth.

"Survival is a first growth strategy"

— Ian Hogarth

Sustenance comes with a lot of pain starting from top management to down the line, starting from leaving old habits to adapting the newer ones.

Sustenance welcomes all the key benefits to organisation

Still, we fail to uphold the plans because of poor habits of not taking accountability for things, getting work delayed, making excuses and the list continues!

Let’s Accept the Fact: Cultivating New habits and embracing new changes can bring sustenance of strategy.

“How?” can be answered by learning the magic of the 21/90 Rule because “Breaking an old habit will take some time but adapting one will take only 21 days!”

Strategy Sustenance

4 Step Approach for 21/90 Rule

Step 1: Pick one habit at a time

Decide what you want to achieve or change.

For example, if you want to drop fat and get more fit by exercising daily.

Here dropping the fat and being fit can be different outcomes but one habit of doing exercise daily can be the first habit that you need to cultivate.

Step 2: Start Small

The 21/90 rule helps you to start small.
To achieve your fitness goals, if you don’t want to spend hours in the gym, run for just 20 minutes a day but every day!

Step 3: 21/90 Reminders and Respect to Reminders

Set reminders for the first 21 days daily, specifically to those gadgets that you follow, mobile, laptop, smartwatch, or maybe your spouse!

Because often we forget to follow what we had started rigorously!

Also, we just don’t snooze morning alarms, but

  • We snooze our morning workout
  • We snooze our full-day energy
  • Most importantly, we snooze our own “Commitment”

In short, respect your reminders and follow them like God.

Step 4: Monitor your progress and enjoy the small wins

Look how close you have got to your main goal of being healthy and fit.

Question yourself:

  • Was I able to exercise daily?
  • Did it help me to get more fit?
  • Is it fitting in my daily schedule?

Thus, celebrate those small wins, get confidence and you will believe in yourself to work on more effective tasks.

Thus, Strategy Sustenance Is Not An Overnight Process But A 21 Day Plan

Several obstructions affect an organisation’s ability to adopt a strategy.

However, the way to win on any task, no matter how big, is to start small.

We at Stratefix follow the 21/90 rule to implement anything new. If your company ready to successfully sustain its long-term strategic goals? Get in touch with us to implement the wonderful 21/90 day rule!

Let’s get the ball rolling!