How Alpino Conquered Offline Sales (and Shark Tank!)

FMCG brand cracked offline sales

From Zero to Shark Tank Hero: How Alpino Health Foods Cracked Offline Sales with Stratefix Consulting 

Have you ever dreamt of taking your local brand national?  

Imagine starting with just online sales and then exploding into a leading FMCG brand featured on Shark Tank India, all within six years! That’s the inspiring story of Alpino Health Foods, a Surat-based company pioneering the healthy spreads market.

The Challenge: Conquering Offline Sales

Chetan Kanani, co-founder of Alpino Health Foods, knew online sales were just the beginning. He craved a bigger bite of the market, but venturing offline presented a daunting challenge.  

“We were online champions, but offline novices. We had no clue how to generate sales, build a team, or get our products noticed in physical stores,” he confesses 

    • Market Blindspot: They lacked in-depth market research, making it difficult to understand consumer behavior and identify target markets. 
    • Talent Gap: Building a dedicated sales and distribution team from scratch seemed like a daunting task. 
    • Uncharted Territory: Navigating complex supply chains and distribution networks felt overwhelming. 

The Stratefix Advantage: Data-Driven Growth Strategy

That’s where Stratefix Consulting stepped in. Specializing in empowering MSMEs across 65+ industries, Stratefix doesn’t just offer generic advice; they delve deep.  

Our expertise in market research, sales growth, and digital transformation made us the perfect partner for Alpino’s offline adventure. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we tailored a comprehensive strategy based on Alpino’s specific needs to boost their revenue and turn over: For Alpino, this meant: 

  • Market Research: 

      • Gone were the days of guess work. Stratefix conducted a comprehensive market analysis, revealing the true potential for nut butter and healthy spreads in India.  
      • Our meticulous market analysis, revealed valuable insights into consumer preferences, competitor landscape, and untapped market potential.  
      • This actionable data became the foundation for Alpino’s expansion strategy. 

  • Sales Strategy Development: 

      • Based on the market research, Stratefix crafted a winning sales strategy.  
      • This roadmap addressed Alpino’s specific needs, guiding them on navigating offline channels, building relationships with distributors and ultimately, getting their products onto store shelves. 
      • Market Penetration: We targeted specific regions and retail channels with high potential for healthy spreads. 

 • Building a High-Quality Talent Team: 

      • From zero to 25-30 team members across India equipped to manage offline sales and distribution effectively!  
      • Stratefix’s guidance helped Alpino identify and recruit the right talent to manage this rapid offline growth. 
      • Recruiting and training a skilled sales team to manage smoother offline relationships and product placement. 

  • Distribution Network Establishment:  

      • Stratefix helped Alpino navigate the complexities of the offline supply chain, ensuring efficient product distribution and timely restocking. 
      • We developed a robust distribution network to ensure efficient product delivery across the Indian targeted markets. 

The Results: Exponential Growth, Shark Tank Recognition

From Online Star to Retail Rockstar – The results speak for themselves. Within a year, Alpino achieved market penetration across 11 Indian states. Their valuation skyrocketed, growing 100% with Stratefix’s support. 

From a mere 2-3 lakhs in monthly revenue, Alpino witnessed a 100% growth with Stratefix surpassing the crore clubs.  


More importantly, this growth caught the eye of our Indian Sharks! Alpino’s impressive trajectory landed them a coveted spot-on Shark Tank India, achieving national recognition. 

The Stratefix Difference: Beyond Strategy

Chetan sums it up perfectly: “We went from none to where we are now.”  

Stratefix doesn’t just offer solutions; they empower local brands like Alpino to become industry leaders. We invest in your brand’s success. Learn how Stratefix Consulting can help you unlock the true potential of your business and become a retail leader, just like Alpino Health Foods. 

Current Status – A 100 Crore Success Story: 

Today, Alpino Health Foods is a leading brand in the healthy spreads category, boasting a valuation exceeding ₹100 crore. Their success story highlights the power of data-driven market research, strategic planning and ground level implementation in navigating offline expansion. 

Alpino Health Foods is one of the few brands that got a deal from four Sharks however, the brand raised funds through RBF before closing its seed round. Alpino is currently present on over 20 e-commerce platforms and over 5,000 retail stores across India in addition to selling from its website. 

The global ready-to-eat food market is expected to reach US$ 195.9 billion in 2024 and US$ 391.1 billion by 2034. It is projected to rise at a 9.2% CAGR. 

Likewise, the ready-to-eat market in India is likely to grow about 45% between 2022 and 2027, making the country a great investment opportunity in the segment. 

Is your brand ready to capture a slice in this booming Indian market?

Our strategic planning process involves a structured methodology that guides the organization from vision to implementation. 

Needless to say, every business needs a partner who understands the Indian landscape. Let us help you discover how our growth & data-driven strategies can push your brand to online & offline success.  

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