Debunking Sales Myths: The Art of Selling Right

Myth of Sales

Myth of Sales

  1. Sales Man or Super Man ?
    • Myth : Smart Sales man can sell anything to anyone?
    • No, one can not sell anything to anyone.
    • Smart Salesman sell right product or service to Right Man, who actually needs it.
    • Sales is no more about selling the Product or Services but delivery of Right Solutions.
  2. Rates should be kept Low to increase Sales?
    • Myth : For better Sales, Rates should be lowest.
    • All sales people demands to keep their rates as low as possible.
    • If selling at Low Rates could have been effective, One day Rate will reach to Zero – “0″.
    • Lowering the rates will never boost up your sales except high value gaps.
  3. Market Segmentation :
    • Myth : My Product or Services are made for both mass and class!
    • One needs to always dig out the option : Mass or class.
    • One can not cater both at the same time.
    • Same Product or Services can not be for the class and mass since buying behavior and need of both segment is completely different.
  1. Long Product or Service Portfolio :
    • Myth : Single product or services can not be sold in market. More no of Product or Services, More Business.
    • History says, Brand is been created by Single or Limited Products only. Multiple Product / Services should be there in our Sales Basket to increase Sales.
  2. Hardwork or Smartwork :
    • Myth : Sales is more about Hardwork than smart work.
    • Sales is most innovative profession but innovation must be used in countering the excuses of Prospect and ways of Presentation of Product and services in a way to fulfill their needs.
    • One need to be quick and sharp in gauging the customer’s buying pattern, behavior, decision maker and decision process. It’s is purely mind game.


Actual Sales starts when Excuses of Rejection ends!


Happy Selling!