Practical Performance Management Tips

Practial Performance Particals

PPP – Practical Performance Particles

 Performance in Business can make or break the Game. At every opportunity, business unit or manpower must produce desired performance.

True Performance demands

  • Recruiting Right Man for the Right Job, Otherwise spend years and year on guiding
  • Gauging of Actual Training Requirement : Two on the same position may require Different Training, since no one is same as like other
  • Focus on Development of Both : Hard Attribute & Soft Attributes
  • Finally, Grill your team very  “Hard” within First Few Months only for Performance and then Performance will be in Habit!

At the same time, Essential from Leader to Keep –  

  • Eye on Result but Focus on Efforts – Biggest Challenge of Non-Performance is not having strong Measurement on Input Parameters
  • Patience – Key to achieve Success
  • Ready to Fail but Learn Quickly from Every single Failure
  • Be Transparent with Team about their Performance and Periodically Evaluate the Same – Remember, You can motivate or Demotivate of your team.

Performance Matrix can bring success for sure if it is well supported with Hard work, Right Direction and Smart Measurements, however Performance Measurement is an Art with some Scientific Steps.