How Stratefix Transformed a Textile Manufacturing Company

Textile Industry

The company’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs in the digital textile industry with the tools and guidance they need to succeed. Since 2017, we have been manufacturing and supplying high-quality products such as Printing Machines, Sublimation Ink, Pigment Ink, Hot Melt Adhesive Powder, DTF Hot Melt Film Roll, and Sublimation Heat Transfer Machines.

Challenge Area: Operational Dysfunction in Overall Organisation


Ineffective and inefficient utilization of software can ruin the work culture and productivity and always opens doors for conflicts within organisation. Other challenges that company faced was:

  • Dissatisfied Customers
  • High Production Cost
  • Inefficient Inventory Management
  • Wastage of Stock
  • High involvement of owner in the process

“Crisp and efficient operations are the foundation of successful businesses, where seamless processes inclines towards remarkable outcomes.”

Bottlenecks in the organization:

  • No Uniform Way of trouble shooting or addressing any issues that occur in the process.
  • Slow and Tedious implementation due to lack of defined systems and processes
  • Lack of Coordination in Team due to responsibility and accountability not defined .
  • Unsatisfied Customer Ratio was High .
  • Too much Ink Waste and Stock Mismatch in the Warehouse
  • Floor Mapping was Absent leads to delay in execution of the process.
  • Involvement of the Owner in the Whole Process was considerably high

Our Strategic Approach:

  • SOPs are created and implemented among the team for trouble shooting to address the issue – alongwith defining the Responsible and accountable person at every stage.
  • Setting up Skill Matrix and a reward System for the Team to increase the team competency, teamwork and team motivation.
  • Implementation of MIS and Dashboard – for the owner to get all the data on one click for decision making
  • Facilitating Inventory Management enhances free Movement and Easy storage of Goods. Facilitating Inventory Management enhances free Movement and Easy storage of Goods.
  • Customer Feedback Process is defined and implemented to reduce customer complaints and increased satisfied customers.
  • Defining the Stock Location, Sheet Consistency and Floor Mapping.

Inclinable Results on Client’s Business 

  • Customer Complaints  Decreased by 40%. 
  • Orders and Storage space has been Doubled and Optimisation in time and space by which one can efficiently carryout warehouse operations and save costs from faster turn around time.  
  • Middle Management became 80% More Accountable, means that they took more responsibility for their actions and decisions and improved their performance. 
  • Lower Level Employees Improved their Skills by 20% to 40%, because they learned new things and became more competent and efficient in their work. 
  • Overall, Team Performance Improved by 42%, which underscores that the team members worked better together, communicated more effectively, and achieved their goals faster. 
  • Inward and Outward Process became 50%-60% faster. This highlights that the time taken to receive and deliver the products was reduced significantly and the process became smoother and more streamlined. 
  • Employee efficiency and productivity was increased by 27%-30%. Which means more output in less time and efforts. 
  • Ink wastage reduced by 80%.