Unleashing Potential: How to Manage and Retain Your Top Talent

The Powerhouse- How To Manage The Top Talent

“Identify Talent For Tomorrow, Rather Than Just Hire For Yesterday.”

Managing top talents needs talent. Understanding them, and their perspective could be a tricky space. But first of all…

What does a top talent really mean?

In one line- basically the toppers of the class.
These people are encouraged more, motivated more, and everybody keeps their hopes on them, even the backbenchers.

Similarly, in a company top talents are the people who lead others by example. They’ll often shine amongst other talents. They are value creators and growth mobilizers. Their responsibility quotients are really high, and they understand the fact that, even though it might not be their fault, it is still their responsibility. They are ready for challenges, are enthusiastic about exploring other things. They put their questions and their reservations forward with ease. They also challenge the existing state of affairs and tries to bring a more reformed system in place.

Some lesser-known traits of top talents.

Their sole focus is not money. What they really seek is the value they give for their contribution. Becoming a powerhouse is not their goal. They just want to do their best, but lack of communication definitely derails them. Top talents aren’t the solution to all your business problems. They are creators of a value stream that gives your business an upper hand in terms of a productive future. Replacing the owners is not their aim. But they’ll definitely fill up the void that the business owners sometimes overlook. They don’t fear taking up the responsibilities unless they are part of decisions & can envision their personal growth.

But managing them could be a bit tricky, since the more they excel, the more are they willing to find a new workspace too. And that’s fair since a work environment with no challenges is similar to a weekend with no plans, it’s plain boring!
But we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips to manage your top talents-

Give them a Comprehensible Mission

There’s nothing more maddening than an unclear brief/mission. People who are good at their jobs need to look at the target they are hitting. Shooting in the dark is something they don’t believe in. Show them a goal post, give them the ball, and see how they hit it right at the bullseye.

Let them take risks and fail

Where there’s a risk, there’s growth. It’s a universal fact, the more you fail at something, the more you get better at it. The least productive thing you can do for them is to keep them away from any failure or harm. Let them float in the open seas of probabilities, let them dive alone. They might cross the ocean or drown in it. Anyway, you are always there as a safety net. But this will increase accountability in ways unimaginable for them.

Serve them a perfect Challenges

Top talents thrive on challenges. The more challenges they get, the more they’ll shine. The only thing you should be mindful of are the challenges you present to them. If the level of challenges is more than one’s skills then the increase in anxiety is bound to happen. And if the challenges are too low as compared to the skills, then boredom is imminent. You have to find the perfect balance between them.

Open your pockets a liiiiiiiiiiitle

Although gratifications are the biggest motivations, yet nothing can beat the visual of a text that says ‘The amount has been credited’. No, really opening your pockets even a little can help you in ways you’ve never imagined. Talent, in reality, is priceless, what we can do, is just come close to what that term really means.

Most importantly- Trust them

Don’t go on micromanaging the talent. Give them space for errors, try to understand their perspective, and you’ll witness them bloom. Best case scenario, you’ll see how they nail that project; worst-case scenario, they’ll learn that they need to change their perspective. But whatever it may be, you’ll see your top talent fighting for the company.

“People will be at the forefront of strategy and talent management will be a critical component part.”

Yes, it could be a bit tricky to manage your apex employees. But when you notice in the long run, these are the people that actually make a difference. And Stratefix solely aims at doing that- To understand the talent and their capabilities. To help the companies grow with quality human force. We have an HR transformation service that emphasises on Improving the Retention Ratio, encouraging Intrapreneurship amongst Team Culture Development & Better Employer Branding and Enhanced Productivity against the investment. These are the few advantages that you get with Stratefix’s HR transformation service.

With Stratefix you’ll never have a hard time managing any of the talents.