The Power of Listening: Be Heard and Understood


Are you listening?

Listening is a process and an active one too.

Importance of Listening :

  • Maximize Productivity since it doesn’t cost any energy
  • Improves Relationship
  • Give time to think before you speak

How to be Active Listener:

  • Quiet your mind while listening: Stop Thinking about response, assessing, judging or problem solving at the time of listening. After then you can take few second to think and respond.
  • Pay full attention – Avoid distractions or Don’t interrupt the speaker otherwise speaker may loose the flow or important points
  • While understanding, you can rephrase your meaning from the speaker’s message
  • Focus on Non-Verbal communication : Speaker’s tone, Body Language, expression will say a lot about feeling of speaker on particular point

Effective Listening = 50% of Problem solved

Root cause of problem solving methodology is in effective listening, capturing point of pain and then working resolution of actual problem.

In case, if listening can’t resolve the problem,

For sure, it will not increase it!