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Art of Delegation

Most challenging Part with Top and Middle Management in Organization is :

“We are not getting the work done from our down line after delegation of work to them”.

It is symptoms of lack of delegation art.

Delegation does not means handover your work to the down line but to make sure that work is executed efficiently.

The most important part of delegation is understanding the difference between “Authority” and “Responsibility”. You can Delegate the “Authority” but not “Responsibility”. Initially, it is Superior’s responsibility to check whether delegated Authority is producing Desired results or not!

Strong monitoring and analysis is required to delegate any task.

Surprisingly, 90% of Management fails in Delegation because they don’t know 3 pillars of Delegation – Scientific approach to Delegate.



  1. What to Delegate?
    • Delegation demands right choice.
    • One can not delegate everything to everyone.
    • Most important and critical work to be done by either self or expert with right skill sets.
    • First try to delegate pity jobs which is time killers and non-productive.
    • Always try to ask a simple question to yourself – If I won’t do this then who will do this?


  1. How to Delegate?
    • Next but most important part of delegation is “How” since it is a part which can make or break your delegation process.
    • Once you have identified the person suitable to do the job, try to understand from him, the way to execute the process.
    • Guide him to imbibe your way of execution with a strong reason and implications to change the process or steps.
    • Documentation process will reduce the GAPs in thought process of delegator and executor.


  1. Monitoring
    • Don’t assume that you will get 100% success from the day one, on the contrary it may be.
    • First set the check points to measure the success and then continuously measure the process.
    • Updation by the method of coaching, mentoring and training will resolve the purpose of streamlining the Delegation process.


Success Mantra of Delegation :

Time to be taken by Executor to effectively execute the Process =

Time taken by Top Management to learn the Process * (100% / Level of Executor)

For Example :

CEO has learn the process of supply chain management within 1 year and delegating the same process to middle management with 50% capacity to CEO, then

Time to be taken by Executor to effectively execute the Process = 2 Years

{1 Year (Time taken by Top Management to learn the Process) * 2 (100% / Level of Executor) }


Lowering the expectations and putting more efforts in right way of

delegation can make you “Successful in Delegator”!