Customer Insight Research


One can exceed, if he knows it – Customer’s Expectations

One thing is common among all Successful Enterprises that they have ears to listen their “Customer”. Customers are pioneer in giving you insights as they have experienced you and your organization.

Voice of Customer matters most as it brings Innovations. It is very crucial at the time of New Product Development as well as entering into the New Market.

Biggest challenge in Gaining Customer Insights:

  1. What is the ideal Process to collect “Customer Feedbacks”?
  2. How to do Analysis and Figure Out Inferences from the same which can be applicable to my business?
  3. Who will do the same with Neutral Mindset, keeping all biasness aside?

Bitter Truth : To Gain the Customer insights, We must accept that we are the prisoners of What we know and What we Believe.

In Such scenario, Customer Insight Research by Stratefix Consulting can be really helpful being third party, unbiased part and by executing process driven research.

4 CIR PRocesss

3 Stages of Customer Insights:

  1. Obvious Stage: Insights which are clear to the both the Parties (Customer and Company)
  2. Validation Stage: Insights where Customers are clear but Company is not very much clear
  3. Conceptualization Stage: Insights where Customers and Company both are ignorant
5 CIR Methodology

The Customer Insight Research applied to all the kind of Business – (1) B2B (2) B2C

Team Stratefix works with the clients to build up the base of most effective and powerful customer insights. Our dedicated and highly skilled market researchers and analysts provide detailed and deep insights across segments, geographies and industries.

You have got to start with Customer Experience First and Work back to Product, Not Revert – Steve Job

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