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We are Because
We are Because

For SMEs who direly needs help in managing their businesses. Stratefix Consulting is a business consulting organisation with a team of executional experts. Unlike traditional consultants who limits to advisory, Stratefix ensures holistic business strategy implementation through physical presence, strong handholding approach and outcome gurantee base fee.

StratefiX passionately delivers its Advisory and Implementation Services in the area of Management Consulting to clients varying from SME sectors to large Conglomerates.

Partnering with its each client by adopting “360 Degree Approach“, the sole aim is to ‘Propel And Achieve Exponential growth’; thereby, creating ‘Market Leaders’.


We aim to mark a name in the industry
by achieving 100% client satisfaction


To understand, plan and implement each strategy in a way that it strengthens client’s existing Operational capabilities and achieve new heights.

Core Values

Core Values

We are Because We IMPLEMENT|

Value Proposition

  • Diversified Industry Expertise
  • Certified Professionals
  • Tailor-Made Services for Clients
  • Over 15+ Years of Experience 
  • Empaneled Industry Experts 
  • Implementing conceived Strategies


Let's see what
our clients got to share

Mr. Bhupat Director, Gujarat Intrux Ltd ( Manufacturing– Foundry & Casting)

"My Management systems are so strong now that, i have to focus only & only on Growth, rest all things are managed well”.

Jagdish Sakhiya Doctor, Sakhiya Skin Clinic (Healthcare and Skin Clinic)

My 3rd but Final Management Consultant (among very few in Country) who has satisfied my need of Management consulting!

Himanshu & Ketan Zota, Directors, Zota Healthcare (Pharmaceutical)

Stratefix has imbibed deep root of Process and Systems in my Organization along with Strategy which has taken us to the new heights of success.

Chetan Contractor M.D, Engineering Industry

A thorough professional company with expertise in their service delivery. I enjoyed working with them and now, Stratefix is a part of our core team.

Rakesh Patel C.E.O, Gujarat Intrux Ltd ( Manufacturing )

" My Management systems are so strong now that, i have to focus only & only on Growth, rest all things are managed well”

Sohil Panjwani M.D, Wok On Fire ( Restaurant )

"Professionalism in Team management, Performance and Best Practices of HR is what they have imbibed in my organisation”

Pradeep Biyani M.D, Gangour

"2.5 years of rigorous efforts of this company has given us excellent Business Growth with extraordinary and self sustainable results "

Mukul Goyal


Chirag Patel


A Partnered Organization Founded by 2 Engineers

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