FMCG Industry - Stratefix Consulting

FMCG Industry

Type of Industry: Ice cream Manufacturing
Challenge Area: Sales & Market Expansion

Our patron is a favorite name for ice cream lovers but catered to particular geography in surat And the other part of the city was completely unexplored. Since the company was catering to the Limited market, it had lower risk and relatively more opportunity to innovate; as compared to Players who we’re catering to a larger market chunk. However, limited risk also implies limited profit And a restricted customer base.

“It is a Grave Error to assume that Ice Cream Consumption require Hot Weather”


  • Stagnant sales growth.
  • Inefficient strategies for Market Expansion Strategy

Our approach

Stratefix consulting took the above challenges. Stratefix’s project team started the research by Studying all about the client’s current market Segment and sales mix. Based on the study, we Suggested the client adopt a channel sales Strategy to penetrate and expand the current Market share.


The Implementation Process

  • Setting up Channel Sales department by recruiting ‘Right fit’ candidates.
  • The training was given to the selected Channel Sales team about making effective ‘Pitch’ and handling prospective customers’ queries so that the desired ‘Conversion rate’ is achieved.
  • Created an effective Reporting system in order to monitor the Channel Sales team’s performance regularly, in order to ensure that targets are met.
  • Based on the reports feedback was given to the team and was accordingly mentored.
  • Implementing effective Branding practices further boosted the channel sales and overall client’s business development process.

Results Achieved in 6 Months
Sales increased by 500% which surpassed the client’s expectations. Effective Branding and Business Development strategies implemented by Stratefix facilitated a 240% increase in the client’s customer base as penetrating the unexplored territories.