How Stratefix Streamlined a Real Estate Company

Real Estate Industry

Type of Organization: Real Estate & Hospitality Challenge Area: Role clarification across the organization. Overview Unclear Roles and Responsibilities can be biggest enemy of work culture and always opens doors for conflicts within organization. Poorly defined or conflicted roles of a person conducting a business or organisation (PCBU) can be a stressor for workers.

“When a Team Outgrows individual performance & Learns Team Confidence, excellence becomes a reality.”

  • Unclear Organisational Hierarchies and Roles
  • Accountability was missing
  • Micro involvement in conflict management was the biggest time killer for top management
  • Overlapping of work hindering smooth culture within organization.
Our Approach Stratefix consulting took approach in direction of strategic HR Functions development and firstly, created Organogram considering three different scenario:
  • Present
  • Short Term future Basis (3 Years)
  • Long Term future Basis (5 Years)
The project team divided the organization in two part which include core function and support function which imbibed authority and accountability. The approach was roofed from top to down i.e. Organization -> Department wise -> Individual Role wise. In depth role and responsibilities designed along with reporting authority. Top management personnel were trained about the roles of each & every department to have better clarity from top as well. Also, Project team monitored Top management as to understand about clarity of their roles and involvement in commonplace activities. Impacts on Clients Business
  • Role and Responsibilities aligned from top management to grass root level
  • Seclusion of duties was clear and answerability of the job performed was undisputed which increased Accountability.
  • Remarkable improvement in Culture helped organization to achieve better productivity and result.