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Building a Successful Movie Theatre in Surat, Gujarat: A Market Research Case Study 

Client: A client seeking to establish a new movie theatre in Surat, Gujarat, approached Stratefix Consulting for market research and strategic guidance. 

The client required detailed market research and insights into: 

    • Finding Unique Selling Points (USPs) and key differentiators for a new Theatre. 
    • Market-aligned ticketing prices. 
    • Effective market positioning strategy. 
    • Gaps in the current movie theatre market. 
    • Growth drivers and variations across regions and segments. 
    • Leading market players, their strategies, and market share. 
    • Upcoming regulatory changes and player adaptation strategy. 

Our Methodology

● Primary Research 

      • In-depth interviews with the client’s workforce and management to understand operational experience alongside gathering insights into the local market. 
      • We identified existing Local & National brands. Identified brands holding the largest market share in India. 
      • Site visits to existing movie theatres in Surat, Gujarat to identify current offerings, gaps, and areas for improvement. 
      • We gathered insights from different competitors to understand operational experiences. Example: Understanding peak hours, concession preferences, and in-demand movie genres from ticketing and concession staff.

Secondary Research 

        • We conducted detailed analysis of market research reports, industry publications, and competitor sites. 
        • Demographic data analysis to understand the target audience in Surat, Gujarat (age, gender, income, location, etc.). Example: Younger audiences favoured action movies and prefer online ticketing, while families might seek children’s movies and value combo deals. 

Market Analysis

● Five Forces Analysis 

      • Buyer Bargaining Power: High – Moviegoers have multiple options with varying ticket prices and experiences. 
      • Supplier Bargaining Power: Moderate – Negotiation power exists with film distributors but is balanced by the presence of multiple studios. 
      • Threat of New Entrants: Moderate – Capital investment and competition can be barriers, but the market is open to new players. 
      • Threat of Substitutes: High – Streaming services and in-home entertainment options pose a significant threat. 
      • Competitive Rivalry: High – Existing multiplexes and independent theatres compete for audience share. 

● PESTLE Analysis  

      • We considered Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors affecting the market. Example: Potential tax breaks for the entertainment industry or changes in licensing regulations could impact the business 
● Segmentation Analysis
      • Demographic: Detailed analysis of moviegoers’ age groups, income levels, family status, and location helps tailor offerings and pricing strategies. 
      • Psychographic: We also analysed movie preferences, genre choices, and desired experiences can guide content selection and promotional strategies. 
Competitive Landscape
      • Identifying key players in Surat, Gujarat and nationally. 
      • A major competitor focuses on luxury experiences and another emphasises on regional content. 
      • Analysing their USPs, pricing strategies, target audience, and marketing tactics. 

Key Findings

● Gaps in the Market

      • Lack of diversity in movie formats (e.g., IMAX, 3D) or alternative viewing experiences (e.g., luxury recliner seats, in-theatre dining). 
      • Limited options for niche audiences (e.g., independent or art-house films). 
      • Inconvenient locations or lack of amenities (e.g., parking, dining options). 

● Growth Drivers

        • Factors like rising disposable income, increasing urbanization, and a growing preference for out-of-home entertainment are driving the market. 
        • Growing demand for premium viewing experiences. 
        • Technological advancements in cinema technology. 

Client Deliverables

● USP Recommendations: Based on identified gaps, we recommended the client to consider these unique     features like:  

      • Specializing in specific genres or offering a wider variety of independent films. 
      • Implementing innovative theatre formats or premium amenities. 
      • Focusing on a family-friendly experience with play areas or in-theatre childcare options. 
      • Stratefix’s analysis also revealed under-served market segments. The targeted area lacked a theatre specializing in children’s movies and birthday party packages. 

● Market Positioning Strategy

      • Targeting a specific audience segment (e.g., families, young adults, movie buffs) based on market research and competitor analysis. 
      • Hosting unique events to gain brand awareness 

● Ticketing Price Strategy

        • We helped them in analysing competitor pricing and local market trends to determine an optimal price point. 
        • We recommended offering flexible pricing structures (e.g., discounts for weekdays, matinees, or specific demographics). 
        • We suggested to offer a lower base ticket price than luxury multiplexes but introducing premium options like recliner seats at a higher cost. 
        • Developed a detailed business plan outlining the chosen USP, target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections. 
        • Road map to embrace technological advancements to enhance the movie-going experience. Implementing sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impact.  

By implementing data and research-driven approach, Stratefix Consulting empowered the client to make informed decisions, increasing the chances of success in the competitive movie theatres and entertainment industry. 

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