Managing Difficult Employees: A 9-Step Approach

How to Handle the employees, you “HATE”

Surprised to know but the fact is, All Entrepreneurs have few employees they “Love” and few they “Hate” but Entrepreneur doesn’t have choice!

Sometimes thoughts comes into your mind for the employees you “Hate” –

  • Uhh, when this man going to change
  • I can’t handle her
  • I am tired of his “Nonsense”
  • I want to throw him / her out of office

Entrepreneurs have to face the employees they don’t like but the most important question is “How”?

Here you go with the answer:

Let me share you Stratefix Consulting’s  “9 Step” approach to solve this Business Problem :

Step 1 :
First and foremost point is to define, the reason behind your hatred.

The reason may be bad habit, ignorance, lack of knowledge, dishonesty, un-disciplined nature or any other.

The first steps towards the solution is to define problem. Find out key reasons, why you hate him or her?

Step 2 :
  Once you have identified the key reasons, map these key reasons with 2 roots issues:

Skill Issue – Don’t know how to do

Attitude Issue – Not willing to do

*Warning : Till the time you are not aware of it, you can resolve it.


Step 3 : Next step is to design a score sheet (table) and give score to all such issue in the range of 1-3 (1 = Average, 2 = Below Average, 3 = Poor) based on employee’s gap (according to your view point) in the particular issue and then sum up the separate score of Skill and Attitude issue.

Example : Pl. study the live example – One of Stratefix Consulting Team Member’s Score sheet for such analysis :


*Fact 1 : I am sure, above exercise will be very tough for you, specifically in terms of segregating the key challenges with employees whether it is “Skill or Attitude” issue.

*Fact 2 : For most of cases, you will have more no. of attitude issues than skill issues.

I am sure, you have found out, Tons of attitude problems against only few skill gaps and probably, that’s why, you hate him/her most!


Step 4 : Now, pic the attitude issues, break them into main reason behind such issues and then define which components of “Attitude” problems are still “Skill” issues and redesign the score sheet as mentioned in step 3.

For example : 

For “Issue No 2” in above score sheet – “Forget the things to communicate” : Such issue may seems attitude issue but it may be root cause of 2 missing things – (1) employee may have habit of forgetting the things  (2) Employee is handling multiple tasks and Employee does not have any tracker or log sheet to log the pending communication and also as a “Leader”, you have not developed such systems. Now, first point is “Attitude” issue and second point is “Skill” issue.

After then, Redesign the score sheet, as follows :    

Step 5 : This is crucial and most important part of this whole process : Repeat Step 3 and 4 till the time you have broken all your problems into detail.

Deadlock : Ideally, one should repeat step no. 3 and 4 till the time “Average Score of Skill issue” is three times than “Average Score of Attitude issue”.  

Aah, see the magic Now : Most of the problems that you can see here will be “Skill Issues” rather than “Attitude Issues”.


Steps 6 : Once you have identifies majority is skill gaps, then Re-Engineer the processes in a way that can resolve the skills gap.

First solve the skill gaps!

Step 7 : When you have successfully executed step 6, you will be at a stage where majority of your problems would have got solved and drastic shift of your feeling from “Hate” to “Love”.

Step 8 : When you “Love” someone then you also start ignoring few of the “Attitude Gaps” and accepting an employee the way he or she is. Accepting the things will make your life more easier!

Step 9 : Read whole process in details, execute it for your team and achieve excellence in this process of  “Handling the Employees You Hate”!

Art of Achieving Excellency is motto of Stratefix Consulting!