Event Management and Hospitality: Streamline Operations

Event Management and Hospitality

Overview of the Organisation:  
Organization provides event planning and management services for various occasions, including weddings, engagements, birthdays, baby showers, artist management, anniversaries, destination events, private parties, themes, and more. 
The main issues this industry faces, are frequent inward and outward processing, wear and tear of inventory, lack of comprehensive reporting, inefficient data management, and rising inventory costs. It also implies that there are solutions or strategies to overcome these challenges. 
“Every event is a story waiting to be told—our job is to make it legendary.” 
Hurdles Faced 

  •  Inefficient Operations 
  • Deterioration and Damage of Stock 
  • Insufficient and Incomplete Reporting 
  • Poor and Unproductive Data Handling 
  • Escalating Stock Expenses 

 Our Strategic Approach: 

  • Inculcated ERP software to streamlining event management operations 
    which is something commendable. 
  • Training of staff on ERP system and documenting SOPs for inventory handling. 
  • Modified inventory processes regularly and seek staff feedback. 
  • Implemented ABC analysis to categorize and optimise inventory items. 

Inclinable Results on Client’s Business 

  • Audits and item categorisation were done more frequently. 
  • Used centralized inventory system with barcode/RFID for faster tracking and reduced time. 
  • Implemented ERP software for better insights on inventory, item conditions, and overall operational efficiency. 
  • Automated data management and trained team on system use. 

By doing so, the company achieve some inclinable results on their business that can push their performance and productivity, as well as increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

This way, they can make every event, a legendary story.