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Engineering Industry

Type of Organization: Engineering Company
Challenge Area: Recruitment Process

Growth of the company is always seen through the lens of numbers and only numbers. Behind the success stories of these numbers there is one very important resource and that is Human Capital. Curating an efficient Human capital is a meticulous task for the organisation. Our client a waste management company was struggling to decide upon the perfect recruitment process and recruitment avenues.

“When there is Teamwork & Collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved ”

Engineering Industry

  • Lack of Productivity of Recruitment Dept. along with systematic approach.
  • Dependency on high cost based recruitment option – i.e., Placement Consultancy, all the major job positions were closed with a support from Recruitment Consultancy.


Our Approach
When recruitment takes place, the company gets access to a pool of talents. An inmost look into the recruitment facilitated Stratefix to find out that the cost of Recruitment in Detox was as high as 17%.
Stratefix planned and executed cost oriented process for streamlining the recruitment process:

  • Lack of understanding of the importance of the position so as to select the most appropriate source to close the same.
  • Structured Recruitment processes were developed keeping in mind the importance of the job post.
  • Execution of the process with in depth training was provided to the HR department to understand the various Recruitment avenues, process, and interview conducting mannerism, amongst others.
  • A source mix was developed by the project team consisting of various recruitment provenances, considering cost and result.


Impacts on Clients Business

  • Productivity of Recruitment Dept. increased in a way that Human Capital worth more than 1 crore was recruited with the short span of 5 months.
  • Effective processes and optimum utilization of cost-effective options for recruitment reduced the cost of recruitment from 17% to 11.3% to put the same in other words reduction of cost of recruitment by 5.7% and in an away increase the bottom line.