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Diamond Industry

Type of Organization: Jewellery Manufacturing
Challenge Area: Productivity & Quality Maintenance

Kiah one of the largest manufacturers of Diamond Jewellery in the state was facing the problems in terms of Quality falling off in spite of having a QC system stimulated at all stage of productions.

“Crafting of productivity is equally important as crafting jewelry!”


  • Production capacity was not fulfilled even though sales order was in pipeline i.e. gap in capacity vs. achievement of production
  • Error Ratio – High ratio of rework in the overall production process.
  • Lack of Systems and Process in QC Dept.

Our Approach

The project team designed a TQC procedure dotting all the problems in the production process. The procedure included 4 steps process to be followed at all the 14 stages of production.
The 4 step quality check procedure





The TQC was designed to achieve the following:

  • Reducing Error ratio and the ratio of rework which will, in turn, take production process towards Quality Improvement
  • Increase in Production Capacity by Inducing quality control measures at all 14 stages of productions
  • Keeping tracks and control on wastage.

Impacts on Clients Business

  • Drastic Reduction in error and rework ratio by 22%
  • Rework cost was reduced to the benchmark level.
  • Production cycle time reduced by 35%
  • Production Capacity increased by 28%