Beauty Salon: From Chaos to Calm? Stratefix Consulting Can Help!

Beauty Salon

Our client is a pioneer name in the town when it comes to spa & beauty salon. An established and well known brand for quality services. The firm has 4 branches. The branches are franchise owned company operated (FOCO) establishment. All the branches were owned by the family members or friends of the owner.

“You Don’t Build A Business, You Build People and then People Build The Business.”


  • Beauty & spa services industry is served by skill based manpower and imbibing professional culture with such workforce became a onerous task for the client.
  • Lack of formal HR department in the organisation like payroll, reward management,recruitment, training and development etc.
  • Discipline of Manpower was curtailing on each successive day due to lack of defined policies.
  • No uniformity of rules and regulation was seen across all the four branches.

Our Approach

  • After a meticulous analysis of the above mentioned problem, we infused a HR department in the organisation.
  • Being skill based industry, Project team did a tough job to convince the top management to set up HR Process and Systems.
  • Project team designed adequate and uniform system & structures in a way to achieve discipline and productivity within Organization which was helpful in achieving maximum productivity.
  • Recruitment of HR team also helped the client to achieve the implementation of right practices.
  • Initially, Project team introduced elemental HR Practices like Payroll, Reward management, Recruitment and in the second phase, team imbibed strategic HR Functions like Training & development, performance measurement, productivity enhancement etc.

Impacts on Clients Business
Subsequent to establishing the HR department in the organisation, the staff was professionally managed, with proper following up of HR Systems which in turn:

  • Increased Employee satisfaction.
  • Authority based working pattern increase productivity.
  • Better Employer Branding.
  • Uniform HR policies and practices across all the 4 branches.